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Shelf Life

"In my mind’s eye I saw two things here–one, the very real fact that winter had yet to release its grip made all the more apparent by the quite cold temperatures and, two, the very real fact that winter, try as it might, has a limited time each year to present us with its beauty, a shelf life, if you will.
I decided to capture the first image with the grip of winter in mind. Cold, windy, with the sun rapidly approaching the horizon, I chose a long exposure in an attempt to convey what I was feeling as I stood near that ice formation. Tripod secure and filter in place, I triggered the remote and for fifty-eight seconds patiently waited, hoping that I had captured at least a fraction of the feelings flowing through my mind and body as I stood on the shores of Lake Michigan.
The resulting image, Shelf Life, exceeded my expectations and I could not have been happier with the result. I chose to emphasize the blue tones of the scene as I felt those conveyed how I felt, physically, as the warmth of the sun was more a thought than a reality at this point in the season"