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As I was putting the wraps on another awesomely unleveled panorama, I noticed a rapidly moving light high in the sky. I thought, at first, that it was nothing more than a plane but when I did the rough calculations of how fast this plane must be travelling I decided that 24,000 miles per hour was on the extreme side for current aeronautical design. That left just one possibility…this was some sort of space traveling object and not a shooting star. In fact, as it moved through the frame it began to shine brighter and at the same time appeared to be slowing down. It appeared to be…coming toward me. The hairs on the back of my neck began to stand up and fear began to creep into my being, the kind of fear that only an abduction by aliens could bring.

I’ve read the stories, I’ve seen the TV shows, and we all know what the aliens do when they get you in their spaceship laboratories. By now, I am one click away from stark raving panic and that light in the sky is growing brighter and coming closer. Damn. And all this time I thought it was going to be a cougar that got me…

I tried to look on the bright side—when the aliens returned me to earth I was on a direct path to fame!!! Already I was mentally going through the interviews on the morning news shows, the local radio shows, and, that show of shows…OPRAH!!!!

I had made it, I was going to be famous!!! And it was sort of related to photography!!! Fear mixed with elation is a strange combination, my friends, but it kept me going, it kept my finger on the shutter button, it kept me alive and full of hope, a new life awaits!!

It was about then that the light in the sky began to dim and meandered along on its heavenly trajectory, I think it was just the sun reflecting off the International Space Station or something.

Anything for the shot…

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